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Project Description
This integration pack adds additional integration points for Opalis to System Center Configuration Manager. These functions were used in my User Self imaging workflow that will be demoed at MMS 2011.

This project now has its first 'Production' release. If you have features you would like to see implemented please post them on the discussions forum and they will be worked into the next release (planned for Orchestrator). If you have problems with existing functionality please post in the issue tracker.

The Icons used in this project were provided by Christoph Voigt. Many thanks to him.

The UserID for the connection must be in the form of

New Features
  • Create Console Folder
  • Delete Console Folder
  • Delete Computer
  • Delete Generic Object
  • Get Folder
  • Get Folder Items
  • Move Folder
  • Move Item To Folder

Completed Features
  • Add New Computer
  • Assign Package to DP
  • Associate Computer Record
  • Create Advertisement
  • Create Collection
  • Create Package
  • Create Program
  • Delete Advertisement
  • Delete Collection
  • Delete Package
  • Delete Program
  • Delete Computer Variable
  • Delete Collection Variable
  • Get Advertisement
  • Get Collection
  • Get Collection Members
  • Get Computer Variable
  • Get Collection Variable
  • Get Driver
  • Get Package
  • Get Parent Collection
  • Get Program
  • Get Sub Collections
  • Get System
  • Get User
  • Get Usergroup
  • Modify Advertisement
  • Modify Advertisement: Set Remote Client Flags
  • Modify Advertisement: Set Advert Flags
  • Modify Collection
  • Modify Collection Add Direct Member
  • Modify Collection Add Membership Rule
  • Modify Driver
  • Modify Package
  • Modify Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Modify Program Supported Platforms
  • Modify Program
  • Modify Program: Set ProgramFlags
  • Refresh Collection
  • Refresh Package at Distribution Point
  • Refresh Package Source
  • Remove Collection Membership
  • Remove Package from Distribution Point
  • Set Package Description
  • Set Package Source
  • Set Computer Variable
  • Set Collection Variable
  • Get Task Sequence Package
  • Modify Task Sequence Package
  • Modify Task Sequence Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Get Driver Package
  • Modify Driver Package
  • Modify Driver Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Get Image Package
  • Modify Image Package
  • Modify Image Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Get Operating System Install Package
  • Modify Operating System Install Package
  • Modify Operating System Install Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Get Boot Image Package
  • Modify Boot Image Package
  • Modify Boot Image Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Create Software Updates Package
  • Get Software Updates Package
  • Modify Software Updates Package
  • Modify Software Updates Package: Set PkgFlags
  • Create Authorization List
  • Get Authorization List
  • Modify Authorization List
  • Add CIs To Software Updates Package
  • Remove CIs From Software Updates Package
  • Create Updates Assignment
  • Get Updates Assignment
  • Modify Updates Assignment
  • Modify Updates Assignment: Add CIs
  • Modify Updates Assignment: Remove CIs
  • Synchronize Software Update Point

Other Integration Packs I have Authored

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